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Currently teaching IN PERSON at The Munroe Center, Lexington, MA May 21 , 2022

PROGRAM, 7:oopmGail Crosman Moore at BDIlecture and slide show*Be sure to see the email for details regarding registration for Gail’s Material Fusion workshop, May 21, 10:am - 4:00pm.* “There is a richness on many levels regarding my rudimentary forms of inspiration. Pods, eggs, seeds and seashells serve to hide, conceal and protect a vulnerable interior as it offers unseen potential: opening doors to hope, beauty and mystery.”Gail’s pieces come from a place where biology and botany might meet time travel. Seeds, pods, bones, cocoons, shells, cells and eggs; the evidence of lives previously lived or in the process of becoming, are some of what capture her attention and drive her to interpret the forms that embody the essence of emergence, evolution and potential. Its the yin-yang, push-pull, hard-soft, shiny-mat, cold-warm dichotomy that intrigues her and calls her to juxtapose many different materials. Everything starts with a seed, a thought, an action. Her body of work has grown out of that inspiration and imagery for many years, starting with an education in horticulture which set the stage for a lifetime of honoring this basic life form. She uses the pod as metaphor to illustrate the exceptional phases of life. Pods house seeds and hidden potential. Seeds emerge into life, meant to reproduce. Life fades, husks decay and are reclaimed by the earth.This full circle serves to enrich her personal experience and emboldens her to share what she has learned and practiced with students the world around.She can be found exhibiting at craft shows that have included The Smithsonian Craft Show, The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and The League of New Hampshire Craft Shows as well as various Bead Shows worldwide. Teaching where invitations take her including Japan, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and The Bahamas all add to a rich pool of visual resource and wonderful human connections.www.gailcrosmanmoore.comBDI May Members Meeting and ProgramLOCATION Munroe Center for the Arts, Lexington, MA DATE AND TIME05/18/22 6:30pm

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