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IMG_4867In whatever order or viewing mode you are finding this grouping of photos, it is my attempt at dropping down, greeting all and ‘claiming’ my new experiments at life and living. This is a first posting from WordPress so there is a learning curve to hurdle. Along about Aug/Sept of this last year as I was continuing to cast my net and plant my seeds for the next years ‘crop’ of venues/teaching oportunities to bear fruit. I was struck with the possibility of an option~ a way to stay in one place, become part of a colorful, art infused village; and make and sell directly to vacationing humans enjoying the sea, color, air, humanity.

I set about finding a storefront, found one, an amazing little gazebo that will house me and my work and an abbreviated studio! Next obstacle? A place to live. In this charming end of the land fishing village, housing is at a premium, got totally lucky…again. I will be living a short 5 minute WALK to work~Shopfromabovegcm

The winter is still in full swing here, making plans is often met with ‘really?’ Inside, my job is to try to stay warm and create as much inventory for the season as my little hands will allow. I feel fortunate to be able to do all of these things as I let the voice of Shunji, my shiatsu practioner friend, whisper in my ear, “sixty, the year of rebirth, everything is new again’ as his sweet wife says, ‘yes, wear red, even if only your underwear’ so this, my sixtieth, I’ll venture forth, refreshed and renewed with courage and excitement with red on somewhere and hope to see many of you in Provincetown, MA this Spring/Summer/Fall!I will be continuing to update my website to illustrate my experiences as they unfold. I say thanks to my dear friend Meesh for her years of construction and maintenance on my old site, I now have control of it…theoretically, anyway, thanks for your wonderful and patient help!I will be updating things as time allows and situations present themselves, a small update to my shop, things that I had made for Valentines Day (which was a total white out) I will make available. Urchins for urchins? Hearts for the humble? Please come have a look!

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